Thursday, June 3, 2010

*sings* it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Well the truth is it's not the time of the year for wishlists and gifts, but hopefully I'll be working soon. Being that I'm forever guilty of being the girl who counted her chickens before they hatched, I've been spending many idle hours thinking of what I'll spend my money on.

This is my material (non-worldpeace kinda wishes) wishlist:  not in order

(1) Paul & Joe Disney make-up. It's a little too late to want them, I think. This came out 2 years ago and I believe it's a special edition, so I'm not sure if anybody anywhere is still selling any.
(2) Heima furniture. For my new bedroom.
(3) MAC Classic Red Lipstick. I'm a blush on person, I rarely use make-up especially lipstick. But I don't think anyone could go wrong with a classic red one ala Marilyn Monroe (and Gwen Stefani).
(4) New Wardrobe. What for? Work. I have to start looking mature, and since I'm not anything close to mature, my clothes should atleast look the part.
(5) Leica Leather Case. Because my camera, Alex, feels totally naked. And he's so fragile and I'm so rough so I'm worried I'll bruise him.
(6) Complete Set of Murakami Books. I already have 5. Kafka, South of the Border, Norwegian Wood, Wind-up and After Dark. How many more left? And whichever, the black and white vintage, r the retro vintage. Both covers look absoawsomelutely.
(7) Sandman Series. Graphic novels are too expensive for the student I was. Hopefully I'll start buying volumes after volumes of Sandman instead of borrowing from friends.
(8) Ticket to Paris. Hahaha need I say more?
(9) MiuMiu Vitello Lux. I've been lusting for this bag for 2 years now, seriously, I'm that crazy for it. I prefer the gray one, the same as Vanessa Hudgens'.
(10) Nylon Subscription. Nylon's so expensive. But the best fashion magazine around, has insides on indie music and films as well which makes it unbelievably non-sell-out. But again, so big bucks!
(11) Moleskine. Oh Moleskine. For random thoughts, and sketches. My scribe (moleskine look-alike) is fine for now, though.
(12) Polaroid. Shake it like a polaroid picture. Polaroid's classic. I get by, by using Poladroid 9.6 in my brother's mac but nothing beats the real one.
(13) 20-set Staedtler Pens. I have no idea where in Andy Warhol's name did all my pen go! I need new ones. These are my happy pens.
(14) Craig Thompson's Blankets. I've been looking for this graphic novel for 2 years now. The only person I know who has one is Franco. Where can I find this crazy comics? I read a couple of pages though. Thanks to master Google!
(15) iPod touch. No, I don't want the iPad, too big for my little hands haha. iPod touch seems to me the perfect replacement for my beloved yellow iPod nano (4th gen).
(16) Boyfriend Blazers. Just because.

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