Thursday, June 24, 2010

There is a light that never goes out

I’m not the kind of person that’s way too in denial. If I like something or someone it wouldn’t take me forever to admit it. Same thing with hating something (I rarely hate anyone). Which is why it came as a shock to rekindle an unknown love for the 80s.

I hate the 80s. 80s for me is Boy George. While 90s, wow, 90s is The Cranberries, 90s is Third Eye Blind, 90s is Barbie’s Cradle, is Nirvana, is Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews Band… I could go on forever. And I was born in the 90s, 1990 to be exact so that’s another reason to love the 90s. 90s was amazing, however young I was when it was declared over. I hate the 80s. And I wasn’t careful in voicing out my obvious hate for it, since it seems I like the other decades except the 80s. But my brother Paolo would have none of it. So all the way from Subic to Binan, he played 80s hits. And it turns out that I’m just ignorant, cause most of the songs he played I actually love/loved. I love, for example, the Smiths! This Charming Man is one of my favorite songs, and I sing Simply Red songs in the karaoke. And do I need to say anything about ABBA, Bruce Springsteen and Spandau Ballet? So yeah, I love the 80s now.

I still don’t like Boy George by the way. He is to me a creepier version of Marilyn Manson eeeek! I tremble at the memory of the Do You Really Want To Hurt Me music video! No offense, I hate Culture Club.

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