Friday, July 22, 2011

Kenekthedots and Stephwho in LB!

We were supposed to take a day off from work to do a photoshoot for Ken's online shop. But -- bless Ken and his ficklemindedness -- he decided not to continue with this business venture. As planned, we went to LB. That we stuck to, at least. Ken's boyfriend, Troii, is from LB so he's already there all the time. Steph, on the other hand, is what you can call an LB virgin. To enjoy LB, you need to stay there for at least 3 consecutive days (otherwise, the makiling magic won't work), but for now, an overnight stay is all we can manage. First stop was Chase's apartment, where we dropped our bags off and introduced Ken and Steph to Marshall - Chases' tarantula. After which, we went straight to Metrohair for mani-pedi. Next, we went to:

Left to Right: (1) With JMP and TJ (2) Cheapest ribs ever! Tastes good too! (3) With Ken, Kams, Troii, Gel and Steph (people from CCI except Troii) (4) Random while-everyone-is-talking shot (5) With Ken, and (6) I forgot what this pizza is called, but this is Gel's favorite from Faustina's.
This is a tough pick, as there are a lot of cool places to hang out in in LB, but Gel and I chose Faustina's for very sentimental reasons. Whatever they are, they deserve a separate entry. Anyway, after hanging out at Faustina's and introducing Ken and Steph to TJ, Lulu, Adj and whoelse dropped by, we went to Canton (Cafe Antonio) to hang out some more.

And then off to ICS, because you can't visit LB without going to ICS. Steph enjoyed the look of the whole place. I'm not sure she liked the Weng-weng very much (she almost died lol).

Needless to say, I think our two guests enjoyed themselves. (I hate ending blog entires; I never know what to say.)

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