Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesdays are for random, worthless thoughts.

  • I wonder if I’d look good in Litas. (Remind me to learn how to walk in heels first before buying anything that’s more than 2 inches tall.)
  • I’m starting to forget Janica’s face. It’s the sleep. Some thoughts get lost in dreams. Sad.
  • Thinking about money really makes me cringe. I should get an accountant. But if I do, then thinking of money may make me cringe even more.
  • I have to find another passion. Something other than writing and LB. Can one find passion tossed in the middle of the street or spit on the ground by one who has gotten tired of it?
  • I call myself a writer, and yet everywhere I look, people write better than me. Even Blake Jacobsen, whose LB Interview I really loved! Although it makes me feel like he worked hard for it (like it’s not something spontaneous or real).
  • I realized that my only achievement is bagging the Best Thesis credit which I don’t even think I deserve. How pathetic can I possibly be?
  • Where to go from here (tralalala…)?
  • Can't wait to get out of Binan and Alabang tomorrow!

P.S. Tonight was fun! Gel, Steph, Nicole, Ken, Jear, Ehm, Chase and I went out for coffee and chismis. We'll all see each other again tomorrow. Can't wait.