Monday, November 28, 2011

Gel’s school schedule’s a bit loose this week. So she’s staying with me for the rest of the week, so she can also work in the office. She hasn’t been in the office for weeks, and her station misses her. Aside from that, nope, everyone’s doing just fine. Haha just kidding.

This means that I’d probably have to work around her schedule, too. No more working at 6 in the morning and coming home at 4pm, since she almost never sees the light of the morning. She brought tons of DVDs with her, so I probably won’t get that much sleep either. But it’s okay, it means I won’t have to sleep alone for a week! Yay! This is just like college. Minus the company of Ehm and Vanessa. Minus drunk Chase smoking at the end of my bed in the middle of the night like an assassin. Minus the wildly awake midnights, and looking like this -> 0_0 Yeah, minus so many LB things. But this is the closest we’ve got of feeling like we’re in LB again, so I’ll take it – arms wide open, screaming YESSS PLEAAASE.

I seriously need to get over college.

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