Friday, November 25, 2011

I’m having trouble sleeping. I got kicked out of my parents’ bedroom, and am now not allowed to crash their bed whenever I want to. And no, not because they’re rekindling their youth, god forbid no! I’m just too old to not be using my own bedroom.

So there, I’m having trouble getting used to the sounds of the night without the usual buzzing of the overused AC. I kept opening and closing and opening the windows to get some fresh air, to keep the insects out, and then to get some fresh air again.

I tune in to my ipod as soon as I get up and til I get home, so listening to the same songs at night seems a bit too redundant. So, I stay put in my sofa (I can’t even bring myself to get up to my loft to bring warmth to my vacant bed), listening to nothing but the creepy sounds of the night and the even creepier thoughts in my head. I shouldn’t be left alone, I dig up silly thoughts.

I’m having trouble sleeping and I wish I have an excuse other than not being used to my own bedroom. I’m having trouble sleeping, and I think it’s because I think too much.

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