Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boracay 2012 (Day 2)


To make up for Jear’s failed birthday salubong, and my being a granny the night before, I woke up early the next day to take her out for a birthday breakfast. One of my favorite restaurants in Boracay is Tibraz. The dishes are somewhat similar to Café Breton (even the plates are the same), and it has a beach and homey feel to it that I absolutely love. Here, we had a hefty breakfast perfect for the long day ahead.
On our way there, she got a call from her nieces who were absolutely adorable. They were asking her where she was so they could send her a cake. I wonder whether it’s possible to have a cake LBC-ed to Boracay. And if it would still be edible.

Happy Hour, lunch and more happy hours

We hung out at Two Seasons afterwards. I was quite used to hanging out at a cabana, with kuya Chris (our favorite waiter) bring us our usual – margarita, even before we ask for the menu. But as with the entire island, Two Seasons was jampacked. We were actually lucky enough to get a table at their restaurant, where we watched the cabanas like predators to a prey, wondering whether their occupants will eventually move their asses somewhere else. If there’s any consolation, it’s that their margarita is still the best I’ve had so far! And this isn’t an unfounded claim, as I did try margarita almost everywhere in Boracay. After lunch, Nicole, Badet and I sneaked out of Two Seasons supposedly only to take a quick shower. We ended up staying at the hotel ‘til dinner time. I think it must've pissed off Ken and the others as we left them there.


Dinner was amazing. And why wouldn’t it be, we had it at Zuzuni. I can't express just how much we love it. Just imagine, our last trip to Boracay was a foodventure of some sorts. Gel, Steph and I decided to try as many restaurants as we can by not repeating a restaurant (except for Two Season's where we spend happy hoursss). BUT, we couldn’t help but eat at Zuzuni thrice. It’s that good! And not only this, but this is also where our search for the best Choco Sin began. Their chocolate sin is as heavenly as all bad things should be. 
guess we were too hungry to take pictures of the food :/
please explain.

Gel's birthday salubong

As it is Gel's birthday salubong, there is no other place to celebrate but Paraw. I hope she doesn't get to read this - she (sort of) dated the dj there. We were supposed to attend the white party before going to Paraw but ended up going straight to Paraw instead, which explains why we're all color coordinated in the pictures below.  It's Gel's 24th birthday. Nicole and I call it her marrying age, but I guess she isn't quite done with partying yet. Aside from the pictures below, the rest are crazy (those involving Clariza, most of all) and a bit embarrassing. Nic had too much to drink, but recovered almost immediately. Weng-weng's a traitor, after all. Twas a fun night, nonetheless.
Although again, I went home earlier than the rest.


  1. Yes, it did piss me off that you guys left us in Two Seasons. I was supposed to meet some of my friends then, but I couldn't leave Jear alone in a really long table and because it was also her birthday. Jear and I did, however, have a great time bonding. :)

  2. Well, you know, karma's a bitch. We did miss out on a photo-op with Derek Ramsay haha

  3. Hi Tisa! It was so nice to read and see all your photos during Boracay escapade. I can't help but to envy. I wanna go here soon!

    1. Hi Pauline! You should go, soon! It's truly world-class.