Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lists and Shitshit

I’m in the mood for lists, so bear with me.
Things I can’t shut up about:
• Books
• Movies
• My brothers
• Los Banos and all it’s scope (i.e. housemates, apartment, classes)
• Books, again and again
• Everything (come to think of it)

My favorite books and somthinsomthin:
• Kafka on the Shore – I waited so long to have this book in my hand and it was worth it. The moment I finished it was, in a way, historical, it began my eternal love for Murakami.
• A Scarlet Letter – I read this for class. Hawthorne’s descriptions were irritatingly long but it was the exact reason why I loved it (and why a lot of people I know hate it), it was so vivid I can almost touch it.
• Norwegian Wood – my favorite of all my Murakami books. It was both painful and pleasant, but more on painful. It was melancholic in so many levels, it was so real which is a description rarely said on Murakami’s novels. It helps that Norwegian Wood is one of my favorite Beatles’ songs. I thank Chui for lending me her book, and Chase for giving me one (with the original cover whattup!). And just a suggestion, Chapters 6 & 7 are best read while listening to Mayday Parade’s Miserable at Best (for extra drama).
• Atonement – the novel is much more commendable than the movie adaptation. McEwan’s frequent stepping out of the street to discuss other things, little details which made it more real and 3-d is so terrific it makes me want to dance. No, seriously, McEwan’s the shit.
• Unbearable Lightness of Being – is perhaps one of the most intelligent novels I have ever read. It took so many of my hours and strength because it was so discussion worthy (over cheap coffee at Faustina’s). I am forever haunted by the argument between light and weight. Seriously, I can’t talk about this novel enough, there is always, always more to say. Kundera’s a genius! I have seriously fantasized about eating his brain.
• Sexing the Cherry – I can never have enough magic. And not magic in Harry Potter talk, but magic in bizarre, out of this world, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that way. I commend Winterson for kicking Murakami’s butt and for shortly reigning on top of my list before Murakami ran back in. *clap clap* Let me just say this, AMAAAZING!

My thoughts on Ampatuan
• Kill
• Kill
• Kill
• Dead
That’s triple tap asshole!

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