Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Second, Year 2010

There are 363 more days to go, but I might be wrong - since I have killer mathematical skills and took Math11 twice! But I don't need genius abilities to know that ahead of me are countless troubles (so difficult one would mistake them as meant only for the hero, Odysseus). Because if I keep my head straight and away from dreaming for a moment, it isn't unfathomable how this could also be the most disastrous of all my years. This could be the year when I will finally realize that I can't actually write, or that I'm not fit for a job, any job, or that I will never find a boyfriend and I might as well start accepting that I will grow old alone and die alone. Hahaha I have no idea where all that came from. All I'm saying is that as much as this could be the best year of my life, this could also be my worst.

I'm leaving Elbi. Three months left to culminate the four years I loved LB. This, more than anything, makes me feel that this year might be a very bad one.

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