Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everything New and Shiny.

It is only fitting to welcome a new year with a new blog, yes? One that is hopefully less childish and melodramatic than the last ones. I do not intend to make a list of new year's resolution since i know myself well and i do not have the capacity and the will to see them through. So this year, I will do nothing but what everyone I know tells me to, I will live.

Last year (2009) I ran a race and died. This year, I will no longer run and place second and will instead sit and watch some tv. Can I hear a hallelujah? Okay, nevermind. I usually make sense, believe me. I should get over all my crap, which will be really hard since i'm full of shit. Nicole says i should stop being pessimistic, and so there is no sarcasm in me saying THIS YEAR WILL BE LEGENDARY! This is the year I will graduate, get a job at Summit, Solar or McCann, finally get a boyfriend... or not. This is the year I will find out if i have a shot at making my dreams come true.

The truth is that I cannot and will not leave behind my pains in 2009. And no, not because they help me grow and all those crappy lies, but because I am pain and I write pain. And believe me other than The Beatles, there is no better team up than me and pain. The three months following this day will be more painful than all my painful years combined, but I will live through it because depression will make me skinny. And I will be beautiful after and ready for summer! Hahaha

Okay, enough with all these shit.

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