Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a little list of peony plans

WHAT NOW? seems like the perfect question.

I'm usually good at lists, and now more than anytime is the perfect time for lists. But I have no idea with what I should do with my life. To "fuck everything and become a pirate" seems to me the perfect advice. But of course, it wouldn't do. It has to be something, ugh what's the word, oh there it is - realistic.

I think I owe it to my list-making skills to at least try, so here goes.


  • update my book list, my goodness where have I been this past year? I feel lost
  • spend some quality time with highschool friends (note: with they boys too, since Shoji's home)
  • READ PLEASE long line of books awaiting to be read
  • score some cheap novels at booksales ala Laurence Castillo
  • which reminds me, to watch the Godfather series. My dvds are damaged so I better get new ones. Huzzles.
  • Exercise. I realize summer's no fun unless you can wear bikinis.
I suck at lists. And I'm deadly bored. And I'm just begging to say, TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. Hahaha or not. I'm bored. Anybody game for some online fun? Scrabble, anyone?

p.s. peony is a random word. Haha Kevin and I had infinite laughs over the Precious Heart "Peony for your Thoughts" so, there.

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