Friday, April 2, 2010

the bum life and then some

The highlight of my day was the 5:30 workout with kuya Paolo. Workout means, more or less, an hour of jogging around the unfinished part of the cemetery. During the sunset period, it looks like the gloomy parts of liverpool, you know where the factories are usually at. I don't usually jog beside my brother because 1. I usually can't keep up and 2. He's not the kind who'd slow down for me. But today he was in the mood to take it slow, and took him halfway through the hour before he got pissed off because apparently I was toooo slow, and toooo whiny. Which were both true. But in my defense, the wind was hard against my chest and I took it as some sort of warning. Like Propp's second element, interdiction, every violent slap of wind was like a voice saying "turn back! turn back!" and when I finally realized that kuya Paolo had decided to run his usual pace, I was already alone in the outskirts of the cemetery wondering what exactly was i thinking. He eventually slowed down, i bet he'd go mad if something happened to me back there. He kept finding the most unusual motivations, like how would i like it if the jologs keep up with me? Or how about the ghosts? And he has the car keys so if I don't keep up with him, I'd be left alone, do i have fare money? All of these just so I would keep up with him. When we finally lost 450 calories (we could tell from his supercool fitness watch haha) he allowed me to walk and we had the longest heart to heart talk.

The best part of jogging is the going home part, see my brother is a BIG poser. He's a big fitness guy, and he goes to all this marathons, and he checks the nutrition facts of everything he eats, but he eats ALOT. But it doesn't matter cause he's a good cook, and because it's good friday, he opted for seafood and made tuna spaghetti. And he decided to make use of my mincing magic. Every now and then my brother's head peeks into the dining from the dirty kitchen to shout "two minutes!" as if I can mince a dozen clove of garlics in a heartbeat. But yeah, I'm amazing.

I really don't know what I'm talking about. It's just today was really boring. And I thought lots of free time would do me wonders, but everytime, I realize that I'm just lying in bed doing nothing, and I couldn't help but imagine myself somewhere else, like LB duh. I wish I'm in Elbi right now. With everyone else.

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