Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sun deprived brain burns of boredom

For what it's worth.
here’s some mindless chatter:
  • i realized jogging isn't the best way to lose weight. Well, because Nicole and I have been tying our shoe laces tight lately and running and/or walking 5-7k a day and we end up imagining greasy meals or sugar-y drinks. Harmless if we stick to imagining, but of course we don't, we can't.
  • I can't wait to take beautiful pictures. But my Lumix LX-3 may take longer than what I've suspected. Gengdemmit. You know how you salivate when you crave for something, well my hands are getting sweaty.
  • It's almost May and I'm still sun-and-sand-deprived. Gimme tan lines please. I wantsam beach time bad.
  • The bum life's a bum. I should be looking for work. But unless the diploma hits my palm I can't imagine that come June, I will no longer be back in elbi. Sheesh this is making me sad.
  • I miss Gellybeans and Chaseburger. And singing El Scorcho - highpitched, lowpitched, whateverpitch.
  • I have PHP1,024 to my name. Woohoooo! I feel rich. I should buy a car. I should find a job soon. Kthnxbye.
  • I should buy a boyfriend's blazer(hopefully includes real boyfriend), heels that can kill bwahahaha, and killaaaah bikini to match my hopeless bod.
  • I badly need a new notebook. I need to vent. Somewhere private.

update: I just watched Charlie Bartlett with papa. We enjoyed it. I laughed hysterically, Anton Yelchin was incredibly damn funny. Dorky kinda cute. I think I like him and will dream about him til, hm, next week? And Robert Downey, ah! He's in it, too, and he's amazing - ofuckingcourse.

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