Thursday, April 15, 2010

The randomness of it all

1. Nennie was in the Philippines. But I really only got to spend time with her during her despedida, since i was busy with grad stuff and whatnots. So anyway, we had a little party at Genevieve's place in the southside. Felt like a highschool reunion. Twas fun fun fun.2. Bloc X2 Dinner I was never the kind to attend bloc dinners. But what do you know, I was the one who planned this. It was a bloc dinner that later turned into a batch dinner, then into a Rhetoricians dinner and oh well, then the x2 felt a little out of place hahaha. Some of them went with Gel and me at the apartment, we had a little booze party up at the rooftop.
3. Water for Elephants yes I'm finally done with it!! Now I have no idea what to read next, and these two above are my choices. My brother reccomends Her Fearful Symmetry.


  1. im currently reading Her Fearful Symmetry. Although it does not have The Time Traveler's Wife's sparkle, it does have its own charm.

  2. Talaga? When you're done with it, tell me what you think :)