Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nicole's Party Spirit Pooper Bestfriend

It was Nicole's birthday yesterday! She had a (supposedly) little party at her house that turned into an all-nighter. The guests were mostly her college friends, which was okay because I got to hang out with them, although I was pretty quiet the whole night - which was embarrassing, really. I seemed like an anti-social snob. Which is actually, come to think of it, true.

Anyway, Nicole was really happy and surprised with how her party turned out, thank God! Because I was seriously getting worried when she panic-texted me about how nobody will come. Fortunately she has really good friends who just wanted to surprise her. I was really happy for her, and I actually like her friends, they seem like a good bunch and they seem to love her lots, which is of course good. I came home around 5:30am which is waaaay late, or early, depending on how you'll look at it. Nicole's party was a mad booze factory, it felt infinite. And she wouldn't let me leave early and since she's my bestfriend in the whole wide world (how incredibly cheesy and geeky is that?) and she just turned 20, I gave in. And yeah, because I love her too.


you're the only
person I know who can make me feel like it's my birthday on what is supposed to be YOUR most special day, because you love me as much as I love you. Where can you find a love like ours? Haha It's true, we might need someone other than each other to love us the way we want to be loved. But at the end of the day, when we tread our way home alone, we know that we're just a text away from each other. This is the one thing that's constant, maybe one day you're prince will come, or maybe he won't, nothing's sure except that I'm here.)

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