Friday, June 18, 2010

hoppy happy joy joysss.

I have three reasons to rejoice this Friday.

1. AFTER TWO MONTHS, PAPA'S FINALLY HOME. With Kuya Ouel home too, the family's finally complete after 2 years. My father’s state was heartbreaking. My initial reaction when I saw him was a long gasp of horror. His limbs were the lankiest I've ever seen them, and his elbows and kneecaps protrude terribly, like trying to pierce away from his saggy skin. He looked terrible. Like he came home from North Korea and not the South. But the minute he got in the car, he was all smiles. Earlier this morning he sent me a message telling me that he was a few hours too early for his flight, he was too excited to fly home that he didn’t bother sleeping, he said he felt like he was escaping from hell. Papa doesn’t hate Korea, he admits it’s a nice place and that people dress nicely, and he doesn’t have anything awful to say about their food either, it’s the work in Korea that he hates. For example, when he said Korea made him a bitter man, he really meant that his bosses and the client in Korea made him a bitter man. But it doesn’t matter now. It will not matter for the one week that he’s home.

No pictures. I don't want to post his current state. Hopefully, he'll be fatter and happier when he leaves next next monday and returns in August.

2. ETUDE HOUSE MADNESS. My addiction is turning everyone (except people in LB) mad as a hatter. My You’re Beautiful obsession has escalated into World War III proportions and I now can’t stop saying ETUDE HOUSE! The whole house is exploding with irritation haha, and worse is that I don’t mind. My brother Paolo mocks me by repeating it after me, except, he says “edute/idiot house”. So I found it utterly surprising when we dropped by Festival mall and he gave me money for Etude. Brothers are full of shit… I mean surprises! Brothers are full of surprises. Ang labo nila. But of course I was thankful, he can be sweet sometimes. I’m not a make-up person, infact the Etude lady followed me around the shop because I kept asking what this and what that is for. Everything is just so cute and I couldn’t help it. I ended up spending 2k on make-up. Which is big for someone who doesn’t know anything about it. Etude is heaven, and what made it even more loveable is that they gave me a membership card and two ANJell-like pens. One for me, and one for Gelly.

3. GU JUN PYO CHOCOLATE. Papa passed me the Duty Free bag as soon as he got inside the car. I couldn’t stop laughing when I found a box of Boys over Flowers chocolates inside. I looked at papa for answers but found him suppressed by laughter himself, when he finally got over it he said the lady in the cashier laughed at him too. He told her that the chocolate is for his daughter. “But!” I contested, “I never watched Boys over Flowers!”, to which he replied “yeah, but I did” Hahahaha turns out I was only assuming he bought it for me when in fact he bought it for himself!
K. Goodnight for now. We've got things planned for early tomorrow. 

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