Monday, June 14, 2010


Seriously depressed and a tiny trigger away from curling myself into a fetus position and crying myself to tomorrowland. And as if I can be any more depressed, I try to make it worse by thinking too much. I miss LB. I miss Gel. I miss everyone. And worst of all, because it makes no (common)sense, I miss Tae-Khyung. I wish I could spend 3 days a week in LB with Gel, everyone and Tae-khyung, it won't be enough but it sure is better than once every other month which is how things will be once I start job-hunting or working. K. I'm now more depressed than ever.

I should've joined a resistance before I got THIS sucked in! You're Beautiful is evil, it feeds on my fantasies! All I have to do is remind myself, then I'll be back to normal. THIS IS THE FACE OF EVIL! THIS. IS. THE. FACE. OF. EVIL. --->

Hahaha I'm crazy, aren't I? I'm so fanatic. I hate it when I get really addicted to something. It feels as if I don't have a control over myself. Anyway, papa said gel and I could have You're Beautiful merchandises mailed to his hotel if ever we find something we like in Ebay Korea. I told him to buy bibi Noodles and to take pictures of Etude House stores in Seoul.

K. Kill me now. This is all Gel's fault. She's the one who forced me to watch this. And now it's all I think about. I'm so jologs. And unlike the pessimist glum I perceive myself to be. Haha
 I think in my past life I was Go Mi Nyu (who pretended to be Go Mi Nam, who Shin Woo and Jeremy wanted but/and who ended up with Tae-khyung.) This theory (with not one basis) seems to me the perfect justification for my sucky life. So let me be. Mother Superior, I need your help!

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