Sunday, June 13, 2010

read this fast or I'll fall asleep

A lot has happened since my last post. I hate talking about several things in one post, I'm too talkative, I like dwelling too much to settle for one-liners. Ha-ha. BUT I'm sleepy, and I just came from the spa, so falling asleep is basically the next step. But before I succumb to exhaustion I'll try to type everything down. I repeat, I'll TRY.

  • Stayed in LB for four days. Far from the vacation I expected, I had to do some things (i.e. layout my thesis booklet, print it out, meet with my adviser, etc) which made it impossible for me to do any of the other things I planned like take pictures of my favorite LB places, watch tons of movies with my housemates, discuss books and poems with Gel, etc.
  • Watched the Koreanovela You're Beautiful with Gelly. IM SO ADDICTED. I didn't finish it though, watched only up to Episode 13. The subtitles from then on was incomprehensible. My new favorite koreanovelaaaa!
  • Saw sir Dumlao and sir Caloy. My two favorite professors! I'm so blessed to have a wonderful adviser and an equally wonderful and awesome critic. Seeing them always gives me good vibes. Sir Caloy said I should join national workshops. Maybe I would, someday. Some-faraway-unlethargic-day. Haha
  • Kuya Ouel came home from Mississauga yesterday. He came home with Ate Arlyn, Nathan and Danica for my 18th birthday 2 looong years ago. So its super great to have him back home again BUT...
  • He's only here for two weeks. And he'll spend one of the two weeks with other people, for his missionwork. Which means, he's basically home for a week. Let's do the math - 2 years away, a week to catch up. Hmm... not fair.
  • So today we went to Cubao. For no reason, I purzzzzzzzzzz...


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