Thursday, March 24, 2011

LB Always

Always, on my way to LB, I think of how cool it would be if I could just close my eyes and get there. In a second, in a heartbeat. How wonderful it would be if I could pull LB closer, or squeeze it smaller, so I can put it in my pocket and take it home. And come night time, take it out and embrace it, as it has embraced me so many times in the past. 

But always, the road seems longer, the traffic heavier, the drivers slower and LB -- farther and farther away. I think to myself, if only I could fall asleep, if only I could dream, I'd get there faster. But never, in the many times that I've visited LB since I've graduated, have I fallen asleep on the road. Wide awake, I long, I tap my foot on the jeepney's floor, I switch to song after song (never finishing a single one), wide awake I wait.

I never re-read a book, no matter how much I liked it. I feel sorry for the time I could've given to another one. But LB, LB is a book I can read a thousand times over. If only to memorize every landmark, every tree, every-thing. If only to revisit it whenever I want to, so I never have to wait. Infinite, those 2 hours I spend waiting to arrive home. But when I'm in LB, as I am now, it is always worth the wait. 

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