Thursday, September 16, 2010

On LB, as per usual

It took me awhile to get used to LB. I remember I cried on my first night. I couldn't wrap my head around the thought of living there for four years. I cried for several more nights after that, but never again for the same reason. When my four years of college was ending, I cried some more. But only because I couldn't wrap my head around the thought that I will be leaving the place. Sometimes when I go out into the office balcony, I pretend it's my hallway. And the back of the aircon - black monoblock chairs, with Gel still in her pajamas, nursing a hangover with a cup of coffee, Vane back from her class with her bag slouched on her lap, ranting about Soc responsibilities, Ehm on her malong, cramming a homework on her laptop and Lulu coming home to us from class. I smile whenever I think about these girls. Never mind the people and friends I've lost (although I still often think about them with a wave of regret) sometimes all that matter are the friends I've gained.

I wish I could say I think less about LB, now that I've been away from it for months. But I still think about it just as much, just as I did the day after I left it - with the same intensity of sadness and longing. Sometimes, regret, for the things I should've done there when I still had chance.

The only consolation of too much work (aside from greeeaaat food) is that my head gets filled with work details and deadlines that there's no more chance to think of LB and reminisce and get extremely lonely. But then I get out into the balcony --

I have to get back to work now. I have an 11am meeting with client.

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