Saturday, September 4, 2010

Movie Review: Sa'yo Lamang

Mama dragged me to watch Sa'yo Lamang, which was heartbreaking for two reasons. 1.) Because I have a weak heart for family dramas 2.) Because Despicable Me was showing too and I wanta watch it so baaaad!

I was never a good movie critic, so I'll spare you an attempt. All I've got to say about it is, stellar performances from Lorna Tolentino, Coco Martin and yes I don't want to say this but yeah, Bea Alonzo. Of course compared to Tanging Yaman to which it was based, these stars have less shine. Who could compare to the performances of the older ones: Gloria Romero, the late Johnny Delgado, Hilda Koronel, Edu Manzano, Joel Torre, Cherry Pie Picache - these people are already veterans in their own rights. But with Sa'yo Lamang, there was a parade of younger stars, to whom I see a great potential.

I hated Cristopher de Leon's character, aggravated by the fact that I've never liked Cristopher de Leon to begin with. I find that even as an audience I sympathize with his family and found myself thinking how I would never forgive him if he was my father. When Lorna Tolentino was dying and they took her home, and Cristopher de Leon was holding her in his arms all I could think about was "Don't you dare die in that lying cheating bastard's arms!" here was a man who left his family for another woman. He didn't just leave his wife, he left his kids, left his wife to care for all four children, left his eldest daughter to be his wife's other hand and then comes back after ten years because his mistress has already left him. Call me cold-hearted, but this man doesn't deserve a second chance!

Now that I've let that out here in the open world of interwebzz, I can sleep serenely now. Seriously though, it was an ok movie. I'm bad at reviewing films, yes?

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