Thursday, September 2, 2010

My cousin wanted me to post his letter to me here. I don't think I deserve it, buuuut here it is.

To Tisa,

I have always wanted to be a writer. To write literature that would make a god weep, the devil rejoice and the heavens in awe. I grew up with, heard, learned and was cultured in the same literature that lola bequeath upon uncle, your papa, as well as mama and tito boy. I grew up in classic literature. Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain, Jules verne, Rudyard Kipling, Bram Stocker, Charles Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, Washington Irving, Daniel Defoe, and Harper Lee ……. to mention a few. I even grew up to the same nursery rhymes and children’s songs that was taught to your papa when he was a kid.

As far as I could remember, I could write too. I used to write with passion and ardor. I used to write about love, about hate and remorse, about courage and victory… about evil, rage and corruption… and I used to write about everything in between. I usually don’t need motivation as the premises of my ideas flow in an incessant fashion.

As I grew older and started to define the itinerary of my worldly excursion, my perspectives in life changed … and as for my writing … it have also evolved.. not for the aptness or progression of literature though.

I used to compose poems . . . now I make briefs and memorandums. I used to compose songs . . . now I make appeals and petitions. I used to write essays . . . now I make counter-affidavits, complaints, contracts and motions. I used to compose literature that could make any mortal weep, exult and even insinuate hatred, lust and violence. Now, I write to persuade Justices, magistrates and Judges, Prosecutors and opposing counsels.

Have you ever noticed that I used the word “compose” when I referred to my literature and the word “make” when it pertain to my pleadings (pleading – a term used to connote to all papers filed in court seeking for any affirmative or negative relief by any party who invoked its jurisdiction or by one summoned by its jurisdiction.). That is because to compose is to create something with your heart, emotion and soul. To make is merely to formulate and to craft. To make is merely to create and accomplish something sans regard and affection.

For the first time, I read your blogs. I was enthralled by the sincerity and authenticity of the words and the manner by which you mold them into thoughts. I am not particular with the topic, the thesis or the ethos of your entries … I am more rapt and mesmerized by the conduct and demeanor of the words that were used to conceive the ideas and thoughts that you wished to convey... an exemplary erudition and panache.

I am a critic, and I curse when I read entries that fall short of my expectations. Yet, as I perused your entries … I was morphed … turned into a conscript … a fan … Bias! They may say… to hell with them … is my reply. Please send me a copy of your thesis if there is still any in your possession.



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