Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's start anew

I’ve made and cancelled numerous blogs before this. I find I have a knack at several things and blogging isn’t one of them. I never could write religiously. Most often I blame my tedious life for my inability to write consistently and to write anything interesting. Of course my seemingly infinite dull days are partly at fault, but not entirely responsible for my being a sucky blogger. As with anything about me, we could trace it all back to my legendary laziness. Yes, that’s it, my secret to success! Err, I meant failure.

I’ve completely forgotten that I have a blog, because I was so busy wasting my life away on twitter. Did I mention my life sucks? Yes? Ok. So to make it up to you, dear neglected blogger account, I will change your image. Haha for now I’ll make use of the banner I used for my other blog – until I get the energy to make a new one.

P.S. Lulu, I will publish some of the drafts I’ve made over the past four weeks, just for you. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't posted anything that long.


  1. You're not a sucky blogger Auntisa! Thank you. Gusto ko lang updated ako about your life. Haha. Cos I miss you everyday diba.

  2. Hee thanks. I miss you everyday too.