Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enjoying CATS without a touch of sarCATSm

Writing this straight from the ride home, straight from CCP, because I can't wait any moment longer to share how unbelievably awed I am.

Truth is maybe there are a couple of mention-worthy flaws or unforgivable scenes, and I am usually attentive enough to spot these - what with Thea107 and all that shit? I used to watch productions in order to point out what they've done wrong. But not this time. This is CATS for goodness sakes.

I think I held Ayin's hand the first few minutes of the show, and the rest, I held my heart. Sometimes I was absolutely sure that it would fall from too much excitement, or that it would break from too much happiness and sadness at the same time. Leah Salonga was absolutely wonderful. First of all, I'm not a big fan. But her rendition of Memory is absolutely hair-rising (actually felt like a furry cat just then). I noticed that she was wearing high-heeled boots. Haha being the small asian that she is, it's quite easy to get lost amongst the towering Americans and whatnots around her. But I think Leah shined that night.

I'm not sure if I actually understood everything that went on on the stage, not even sure if I understood any part of the story, but this didn't keep me from enjoying the brilliance and dazzle of it all.

I can't offer you a detailed review of what makes CATS so wonderful. All I know is that for a girl like me who has always dreamed of broadway, who has always been fascinated by ballet and theater, this was a magical experience. Better than my teary experience when I first witnessed the Disneyland fireworks. Definitely one for the books.

On a side note, the girl beside me was no more than 10, I think. I wanted to hug her, hold her hand and tell her how lucky she is to have witnessed CATS at such a young age. She truly is.

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