Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 2: The first of many happy (hour) days.

Gel woke up earliest today! Big, big surprise! You can stem it from the fact that we slept early, but still, she usually needs at least 8 hours of sleep. (Who does that?)

For breakfast, we had a breakfast buffet in Astoria, which is absolutely lovely (the place, not the breakfast). The food was okay (apparently the pancakes were undercooked, according to Steph), but the place is cute. I now completely understand why the people here got Ken to buy a share, but don't tell him that since we still love making jokes about it. 
Left to right: Astoria, in front of Two Seasons, White House, Two Seasons' Frozen Margarita
Now, let's move on to how the rest of the day went. (1) Felt like we spent half the day in Astoria. We had our breakfast there, talked to our new friend Nathan over coffee, inquired, and took pictures! Needless to say, we took our time and pissed the waiters off. (2) sunbathed (3) had early afternoon drinks at White House, because White House has the longest happy hour - 7am to 7pm (beat that!) So, it was the only place in Station 1 where we can have drinks that early. We had:
Left to Right: Margarita, of course. Pink Panther. Melon Mojito. Mango Margarita. (We also had Coke Rum, while our Korean friend Nathan had Long Island Iced Tea which he said tasted nothing but regular haha)

(4) We then moved to Two Seasons, which Gel and I know to have the best Margarita in Boracay. We stayed there til around 5 then headed to Hawaiian Bar-be-que:  

Where we had a Mango Ceasar Salad, Foil-baked Golden Shrimp, and Sun-ripened mango chicken bbq. Everything was great! It helped that the people who served us were all nice. This kuya on the right, for example, is one of the nicest kuyas we met in the island. He gave us an extra shrimp, so we can all have two each hahaha! After dinner, we went back to the hotel to rest, bathe and decide whether we want to do anything else. We passed by Paraw and decided that we should have Jonah's first (I had avocado, yuck). We spent so much time talking at Jonah's that we got so tired and went home instead. Anyway, by the time Clariza and her friends arrive, I bet we'll be partying all night, every night. Good night for now!

Again, for a more detailed walk through of our second day, visit Gel's blog - Travelling in Pirouettes.

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