Sunday, October 23, 2011

Of filo tarts, shopping, and other shallow fillings of my Saturday

My forthcoming move to Canada, my several trips before then that I have to save up for, my brother’s arrival and the fiesta are some of the things that remind me not to burn some serious cash as often as I used to.

So believe me, this is gun be my last splurge! Or, not. I don’t know. Maybe?

Steph and I spent the entire day yesterday looking for the perfect outfit. As we had Litas and Suede Ankle Boots/Wedge in mind, no pair of shoes seemed good enough. Well, except for the leopard ankle wedge we found in The Ramp that costs 4k. That’s 2k short of a Jeffrey Campbell Lita, so no way! I’d much rather get those Litas – which I researched were unbelievably comfy – than the pair in The Ramp.

Although dead tired from searching for the perfect pair, and the perfect outfit to go with it, we couldn't bring ourselves to eat anything heavy. Perhaps because we had late waffle and (was it pesto, herb or whatnot) sandwich for breakfast. We decided on eating at Damaso - a well deserved break from half a day of searching. We had filo tart made of asado, and sweetened with apples. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. It was to die for! A definite must try if you ever visit Damaso. But I swear that despite the goodness of the filo tart at Damaso, it’s pressure that I can taste more than anything else. 

Since the heavenly chocolate sin from Zuzuni, Steph, Gel and I couldn't stop looking for a close second. Give us any menu, and we'd instantly look up their dessert in search of choco lava. Damaso's closest dessert to choco lava is Diablo. It's cold milk over hot, and (mildly) spicy chocolate pudding/brownie. Let me tell you, it's not that good. It's fine, but once you've had chocolate sin, nothing's good enough. It's like Boracay sand - best flour-y sand evar. Anyway, here's how it looks like:

Back to shopping. All I remember was that it was around 3 pm and we still haven't bought anything. What happened next was reminiscent of an Amazing Race episode. We were running through rack after rack after store after store in a cyclical manner. And to no avail. What's weird is I remember being extremely pressured, but I still had these photos in my camera:

We don't look the littlest bit pressured, yeah? Walang pagod-pagod sa camera. 
We ended up buying a bulk of our items from F21. We're feeling a little different, you see. We like living on the edge, me and Steph, so there we were buying from tadan F21. Geez, if I were planning to buy from f21, I shouldn't have spent the entire day combing through the entire four malls in Ayala. Oh well. Here're what I ended up buying:

These hurt my feet like shit. Feels like I'm walking on tiptoes forever.

I used them already, so they're already a bit dirty.

I'm yet to take a picture of the Rory Beca x F21 Maxi skirt, and the faux fur vest I bought. Yeah, faux fur. The matter with that?

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