Thursday, October 27, 2011

Design Fusion/Visions & Trends

Our friend Ica (future biggie in the fashion industry, so remember her name - Ionica Abrahan) got us invites to the Design Fusion show yesterday where her good friend and professor Dax Bayani and other equally talented designers will be showing off their Spring-Summer collection. 

We were late.

Believe it or not, the seating arrangement was first come first serve. Being late, we were seated at the third to the last row. Steph and I got separated from the rest of our friends, and we found ourselves at the end of the row next to the wall looking at models' backs just as soon as they get themselves on the ramp.  Worst seats. To make matters worse, I left my glasses home, so my camera can see better than I did that night. Oh well.

The following are some of the shots I took. (Do not expect any reviews or whatnot from me. For now, I'll let the photos -- however few they are -- speak for themselves. Simply because I am not a fashion blogger and wouldn't be able to give these designs justice by talking about them. ALSO, I wasn't paying attention hrhrrr, so I know close to nothing. Sorry.) 

I'm pretty happy with my shots, but it took me forever to get good ones. Felt like I sat there tinkering with the camera, missing half of the show trying to understand all the settings and buttons. One of these days, I will sit down and finally read the manual. Errr or not.

On a different note, will write about what we did for the rest of the night on my next entry. Right now, I badly need sleep and I seriously need to work (having missed work yesterday), although I think I'll go sleep first. Bye.

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