Friday, October 28, 2011

The 3Ds after PFW S/S DF/V&T (writing in codes makes me feel smart)

Disclaimer: (1) This is going to be an overload of visual story-telling and endless proofs of vanity. Puke til you can't anymore. (2) Don't mind my gaping, gawking, stupid faces - I am either pa-cute or really really hungry. (3) This be one of the rare moments that I will let the pictures speak for themselves (Oh wait, I did that last time, didn't I?). Well, there's really  nothing to say except that the night was a night of infinite chismis, food and laughter. Short of epic, but fun nonetheless.

Below are what happened after the Design Fusion, Vision & Trends fashion show. Let's begin!

Dinner was wonderful. Well, I'm rarely disappointed. Especially when steak, potatoes, pizza and pasta are what's for dinner. Those are my staple favorites. The boiled potatoes were amazing. After dinner, I had the leftovers packed and had potatoes the next day, and they're still amazing. POTATO APPRECIATION, PEOPLE.
The Food: Ken ordered the pasta, and I couldn't remember the names. One reminded me of Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan. We also had Cheese pizza and a platter of medium rare steak. <3 <3 <3
The Lovers. Straight out of a scene from Lady and the Tramp (minus the sharing of spaghetti tsk tsk). 

Troii and Gel: The Teaser and The Victim - on truce while waiting for the food. 
The Sophisticated and the Patay-gutom. (Don't let Steph's pictures fool you. The woman is far form poised haha) Now, I don't know why I keep making pa-cute faces that are really more stupid than they are cute. Haha

AKA gelato panciteria cafe. #insidejoke 

Chocolate duo: I had Ferrero, Troii had dark chocolate.

First two pictures: Gel, Troii and I exchanging our cups of gelato. I spy (with my not-so-little-eye) a spoon of pistachio!
Last two pictures: With Steph, Ken, Gel and Troii. I don't know whether we're trying to do a whacky shot or we're simply being our whacky selves. 

Bar Dolci was the visual equivalent of the word adorbs. Of course compared to other cafes wherein you're likely to see macarons and/or gelato, this is a far second (my goodness - the cuteness of Cafe Ti-Amo), but in it's own way - it's kinda cute. Well, come to think of it, it's not really that cute. But the wide variety of flavors of both gelato and macarons were overwhelming. It isn't your typical pink and frilly cafes, it's sort of a neon orange, with bright markers written on the glass and walls. It's a hip kinda cute, if cute has categories.

Gel and I bought ferrero, salted caramel, chocolate chip and blueberry cheesecake macarons for breakfast. Which we had with tea and leftover potatoes. Ah, the life. :/

After dessert, Gel, Vince, Ica, Elaine, Tiny and I went straight to Rue for a few drinks. By a few drinks, I really only mean one round. I had my usual - frozen margarita and a pinch more than the necessary salt. Again, I cannot remember what everyone else drank, although I'm pretty sure Gel had mojito. It was a chill hour and a half. I had a great employment conversation with Elaine and Ica. Pretending to be adults is pretty fun, eh?

I stole the following photos from Ica's FB. My cam died and went to Lumix heaven come drinking time, so I've no pictures of Rue.

(1) With Vince (Clariza's bestfriend). (2) Gel, me, Ica and Elaine. (3) Elaine, with her sister, Tiny. 

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