Monday, October 31, 2011

O. Lover

I missed the Dashboard Confessional concert the summer of 2010. It marked the end of my only-beginning concert-watching phase.  After this, whenever I’d think of watching a concert, I’d feel so guilty, so I never did so much as think of watching a concert. I’m that melodramatic, sorry. In fact, when Gel was at the concert, she kept calling me because she wanted me to listen to Dashboard play El Scorcho, and I wouldn’t answer. My mom kept saying that I should text Gel to stop torturing me. Haha! Dashboard was one band, other than Nirvana and Beatles (among the some-dead), and Coldplay and Death Cab (among the living) that I would die to see! Missing it scarred me deep.

But, I eventually stopped being so immature, and decided to watch my first concert after “THE incident” (matured a bit, but still melodramatic, yes?). I decided to watch Jason Mraz with my best friends Chase and Nicole, and Nicole’s friends Matt and Ryan.  I’m so glad I did.

Is it just me, or does he really look like Ewan McGregor in this photo? Ah. Just me.

It was quite an experience. I couldn’t stop gushing. Never mind that he doesn’t feel like the same Jason Mraz I started listening to. This Jason Mraz exchanged his fedora hat for a bandana! He turned from the neat and sleek geek in the pink to a hippie Jesus dead-ringer. This reminds me so much of George Harrison’s transition from the sleek coconut haired member of Beatles to the long-haired, moustached Hare Krishna endorser. This makes it so appropriate that he sung Across the Universe halfway through the concert.  “Jai guru deva, om” feels so meant to be when it comes from Mr. A-Z. Makes me wonder who his guru is. Toca, perhaps?

Peace-wearing, shoulder-dancing, curly haired boy I love.

I’m more in love with the new Mraz. His new music, too, which I can’t freakin find anywhere in the world wide interwebz. Oh well (papel, as Ken would say), I’d be contented with playing Please Don’t Tell Her on loop for the next week.

Signing out the way Mraz did, by saying “YOU are loved.” 

So rude of me to have mentioned Toca only once and only in passing. Toca Rivera, Jason Mraz' percussionist was Mraz' complete band - both his percussionist and second voice. I quite like him. He reminds me of Stevie Wonder (don't you dare call me racist - they're both talented is what I mean). I think he was more interactive than Mraz. He was the one who said "we love you" in the end, and that matters. He's got a good voice, too; which makes me wonder as to why he sings back up to Mraz when he could definitely make a name for himself. Oh well papel. 

Remind me to have a Toca baller made. From this day forward, I'm considering myself a fan.  

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