Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vikings - MOA

Gone are the days when our family of gluttons' happiness was a yellow plate at Dad’s; last night, my brother Paolo treated us to buffet at Vikings in Mall of Asia. (disclaimer: 11.11.11 was his 26th birthday)

I called in for reservation around 2pm and was told that they were already full for the night. Having set our minds to infinite tables of food, we didn’t bother looking for another restaurant. Auntie Irene arrived there around 5 o’clock and fell in line immediately on the waitlist. We were the 19th waitees (if such a word exists). We arrived there a little earlier than 7 - just in time for our names to be called out. Talk about luck, and fast service (and/or big area for accommodating score and score of families). This gives Vikings one star, and we haven’t gone to the food yet. 

If you know me, then you probably know that we won’t go into the food. I have a pretty good excuse this time: I’m sick, and couldn’t taste half the food on my nth plate. So, I will save you the trouble of untangling misplaced similes and metaphors of how sweet (and at the same time bitter) the toasted shredded potato garnish on my foie gras was. Yes, you can read through the rest of the entry without those.

Let’s talk about the place. It was good. Not that fancy, yet not as casual as Dad’s or Yakimix. Safe to say a bit of both. The food was okay. The selection? Hmm not so much. For Japanese food lovers, quite enough. For rice eaters (I make us sound like monsters sometimes), the variety of “ulam” isn’t that varied if you know what I mean. Since the place was verging on classy, there was a long table for cheeses, crackers and all sorts of dips and whatnot. Not my type.  Let me tell you early on that I did not linger on that table long; well, except to get deviled eggs which I absolutely love.

What else? I wish they had crème brûlée. I’m sorry but it’s the only reason I love Dad’s. Without crème brûlée, Dad’s would be nothing but a replica of Cabalen – the horror. Viking’s closest dessert was egg tart which I thought had too much crust. They also had orange chocolate cake. This is a combination not many appreciates but a combination I absolutely love, so that’s a great one right thurr for me.

The price is doubled that of Dad’s or Yakimix, but the difference is that when you eat at Dad’s for example, a glass of iced tea would cost you P200. Well at Vikings, it’s drink all you can – four seasons, pineapple, mango, calamansi, BEER. Again, BEER!  So, I guess that puts the two on the same level.  Not to mention, it’s froyo all you can, too. Just the thought of unlimited frozen yoghurt makes my baby tears jump for joy. FROYO! Did I mention I was sick, and didn’t eat much? Yeah? Okay.

They really took the Vikings theme to heart. As you can see here, they have a horned headdress, and a.. uh... well, horned headdress. On other news, I absolutely love their cheese and beer soup (the one on the right).

The cheese, crackers and whatnot table.
With auntie Irene. This was before I started feeling sick. (Check out the sweets on my plate)

Meet the family: Kuya Paolo, my mom, my dad, and kuya Rammil. 
These are adorable. I took one of each. I couldn't help it!
My parents being anti-social. I bet they were checking their facebook accounts here. Tsk tsk

My brother Paolo and his girlfriend, Sandra. I took their pictures a lot this night. All I could do to keep myself from crying! Haha! They're so cute and happy! This is one of my favorite shots for the night.

That's it. How's my attempt at food blogging? Still sucks?


  1. BUT--Cabalen made my childhood!

    Sounds really pricey. I've yet to wait for my Dad to file his resignation. I'm a sucker for cheese and crackers so this restaurant's interesting.

  2. It is interesting! And, if you really are a sucker for cheese and crackers like you say you are, then the price would be worth it! :)

    My obvious dislike for Cabalen stems from the fact that I'm not a big fan of Filipino ulams. Haha

  3. And Kevin, what the hell does this have to do with your dad's resignation?