Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Steph

Earlier today, you mentioned that you're afraid to browse through the photos of your birthday. You said you're afraid to see how embarrassing you were that night (first off, you weren't at all that embarrassing - well, aside from wanting to dance barefoot against the waiters' discretion; second, who cares? it's your birthday - that's a good excuse for not acting sane which in fact you normally aren't - birthday or not).

Kidding aside, I would say look at the pictures! Laugh at them (mostly at yourself)! Bask in them! Memorize them if you can, because these are proof that you were once young and (for a lack of better term) alive, and that you had friends who were willing to dress up in killer heels and drive all the way to Makati on a rainy Friday night so you can have the best 21st birthday! These are good memories - something that should be tucked in a box for the worst of days when nothing seems to be going your way. One day, (in retrospect), these would seem more sad than they are funny - but let's talk about that later on your 40th birthday. Moving on.

It's funny cause it took us weeks to plan your birthday (to admit that it was actually months would be too embarrassing). We forgot that for a party to be epic, all you need are good friends, and this is exactly what you have here. You don't even have to have good drinks is what I realized after downing one too many glasses of sprite mistaking them for vodka (that was quite stupid, sorry). 

I couldn’t help but laugh at how most of the people in the pictures are my friends. They are now your friends, too. These are the people who will stick with you through thick or thin - and I mean that in its most literal and metaphorical sense. These are the people who will love you, even if you’re annoying, or childish, or fat, or ridiculously thin. These are the people who will willingly join you in your adventures, as long as the budget allows. These are the people who will dream with you, fail with you, and hold your hand once you’re willing to dream again. I know this, because these are what these people have been and have done for me. 

More than the box of Paris, the travel journal, or the Eiffel tower to wear around your neck, this is my gift to you. Call it cliche; call it whatever you want; it is what it is - the gift of friendship. Last week, when I asked Ken what we should give you for your birthday, his reply to me was "the best day of her life." I'm sure that this isn't the best day of your life, and that there'll be plenty of other occasions and friends to make that happen - but may this be one for the list! Happy birthday! I love you Stephanie!



  1. Cheesy. Anyway, it was an epic night, Steph! At least walang batuhan ng bote. :)

  2. Hear hear! Pero, epic din naman ang batuhan ng bote.