Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now, where and when to burn some serious cash?

I am my favorite topic. Why the hell would I make a blog if this isn't the case? Anyway, aside from writing about my everyday nothings, I also have a penchant for lists. Along with charts and powerpoints, I find them fun to do. You’re probably thinking “such a cool chick, this one!” Yeah, yeah, well, that’s me.

Sarcasm aside, bear with me as I touch on several things in my life with this list of things I should do before I kick the bucket. I kid, I will not make a bucket list, not anytime soon at least. I’m a bit disorganized, so I’ll hope that the following list will remind me to get back on track in brief segues to the road less traveled (aka shopping for unnecessary clothes and cute arts & crafts shizznizz).

Things to save up for:
·      Christmas – I’m planning to get my family and friends good gifts this year, as this may be the last Christmas I will be able to spend with them in the next unknown number of years.
·      Pocketmoney – for our trip to Hong Kong. This is so that I can go to Disneyland without counting my money before buying a freaking sandwich. And, this is so I can rummage through every rack in H&M without feeling any bit of sadness.
·      Boracay – this isn’t until summer next year, but I have to plan early. I’ll be there for only 3 days, so I need not bring as much as I did last two trips there. Plus, I can tag along Ken, Steph and Gel, and eat their leftovers. Hooray for meager funds.
·      Brother’s arrival – I plan to spoil my niece and nephews rotten when they get here. The plan was to make them so happy they wouldn’t want to leave, but everything’s change now, which leads us to:
·      Ticket to Canada – I don’t want my parents to pay for my ticket. It’s a bit embarrassing since I’m already working, so if I can, I’d pay for my own one way ticket to a place that’s nothing but a faraway land from my friends (but a place where family isJ).
·      *Korea – This is if I have extra money for one last trip before they ship me off to boarding school. How absolutely preppy and cool is it to say that? I really only mean Ontario. :/

Just thinking about all these that I have to save up for gives me the worst headache. But they seem fun, no? This is gonna burn my already burnt-to-ashes bank account. At least, I already have the aircon, tv and imac crossed out from the list. And no, not because I already purchased them, but because I wouldn’t need them seeing that I’ll be leaving my room next year. Gah, this leaving vibes is breaking my heart a little.

Off to work. I need to do some serious saving. Good luck to my nonexistent self control.


  1. Stalking your blog. Heh.

    Have you read A Visit from the Goon Squad? It has a chapter in Powerpoint form that you might enjoy, although I didn't much like the novel to reasons I could not fathom, which makes my judgment baseless and null, but a lot of people liked it and I feel that you might just too!

    PS. My comment may sound drunk, but I am completely sober. Yehoo.

  2. I thought you like it! I remember you tweeting about it! Or was it Denise?

    You're always pesudo-drunk, if you know what I mean haha