Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I’m self-diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Musically, that is. Do not laugh if you hear Taylor Swift alternating with Neutral Milk Hotel on my ipod. Yes, I listen to Taylor Swift, but that is not the point. The point is that I listen to the most diverse genres. Minus hard core rock which I find causes nothing but the worst case of migraine. This may be because having three brothers with equally good but sundry tastes in music influenced my own. I’ve no personality, see.

I marvel always at the discovery of a band that none of them listens to; however rare and unnoticed these moments are. The brother whose musical preference coincides the most with mine is kuya Paolo. I am forever thankful for his gift of Lightspeed Champion, Phoenix and Kings of Convenience. Today, I asked him if he’s got any Joy Division I could copy, while telling him that he should listen to Iron and Wine. That band from Twilight? He asked with matching obvious distaste. SERIOUSLY, Iron and Wine, why the hell would you like to be attached to that? I told him, in a matter of factly tone that even Muse and Death Cab are part of the soundtrack (idkwhy). Anyway, I told him that Iron and Wine have a cover of Such Great Heights which he should look into. A far cry in terms of style, but a pretty close second. I actually love it! It’s unusual for me to like a cover of a song from a favorite band, so this is one of the few (along with Ellie Goulding’s Sweet Disposition). BTW, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I did find out about Iron and Wine from Twilight. But anyone would agree that it sure has a good soundtrack!

Another of my many anyways, I find that it is so difficult to look for copies of OPM babies from the early 90s. Lately, I’ve been craving for some Barbie’s Cradle and all I have is Firewoman, which I’m sure came from my kuya Rammil, since it’s one of my least favorites. What I would do to have a copy of Belinda Bye Bye and Dear Paul, only the one who’s got a copy could tell. The only person I know who listens to Barbie’s Cradle circa 1998, and not the Barbie Almalbis who sang religious outpours, is Alex who I regret not talking to during a brief encounter in LB. Sucks.

I’m on relapse and am listening to Moonstar instead. God, I feel like a kid again going through my brothers’ mixtapes and stacking cassettes for future reference. Maybe because I can’t seem to find any new bands to love. Any ideas?  


  1. Because I like stalking your blog on random days, I comment late and on a roll. Sorry.

    I bought that album of Barbie Almabis and her greatest hits from Hungry Young Poets, pa! I liked Torpe, haha, and of course, Dear Paul. Firewoman, is, uh, depressing.

    For OPM bands, you might want to check The Camerawalls? The writer from now-defunct Orange and Lemons formed that band, so expect sappy lyrics, but I like them.:) Encounters with a Yeti makes good music too, sans lyrics, though. Let's Terno Inferno one time! Up Dharma plays at the end, haha.

  2. Dear Paul is one of my favorites. And Belinda Bye Bye! Ugh I loved the old Barbie.

    I might resort to buying the album if I can't find any on the net (why do I make it sound as if buying is far more legal than downloading) where did you get your copy?

    I'd go all the way for sappy lyrics. I'm sappy and you know it. K, I'll check out the bands you recommended. You know I value your impeccable taste in music and lit haha