Thursday, December 8, 2011

we are the kids with the pumped up kicks

To end a somewhat dismal week, my friends and I went on a four-hour trip to Subic for Ken’s birthday weekend. A weekend of endless roads and seemingly never-ending chewing.  The perfect ingredient for a getaway? Friends, sun and sand! Throw in an LFO playlist (I'm serious) and some alcohol and you’ve got yourself a party. Despite Ken’s wild spirit, I consider this little trip a little on the calm side. More talking; more laughing, less partying – just the way I like it.   

As I find it most difficult to translate events into entries, let’s keep this short, shall we?

WHAT: Ken’s frivolous birthday weekend (you can even call it Subic unli weekend if you must)
WHERE: Subic (Subic Park Hotel, Anvaya Cove)
WHEN: December 3-4
WHO: Ken, Troii, Gel, Nicole, Chase, Steph and myself (plus the driver - kuya Mario)

Some shots: (not the in the order of events)

On the way. Probably listening to Pumped Up Kicks.

Nicole having a spontaneous moment at the beach while having a mini-shoot with Steph.
The bridge from the lobby to Anvaya's restaurant.

Getting a mild migraine attack at Troii's getting-to-know-you-questions during the booze night.
Having a few afternoon cocktails (ala bora), and a mouthful of laugh by the beach.

Probably diverting our attention during the somewhat scary road to Anvaya.

Getting ready for late lunch at Aresi.

Making lambing to my best friend, Chase.  Does my hair look good short?

Finally, a group shot. Check out Steph and Troii's precious moment novelette poses.

Drinking tea to close the weekend. Ah, earl grey.

Last shot for the road.

Meat plus dinner. Best burgers in town, hands down!

The couple, Ken and Troii getting ready to eat their steaks.

Day 2: drinking by the poolside bar. Fresh mangoes + baileys + chocolate syrup = win!
As always, the photos are a mix of Steph's and my own.

P.S. Given the lyrics, I can't seem to enjoy Pumped Up Kicks as much as my friends do. I find it rather disturbing. Creeped me out the first time I heard it actually.  But I do like the phrase "pumped up kicks" which explains the title. I don't know why I feel the need to explain everything. Really.  

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