Saturday, January 7, 2012

this 2012

I have delayed this post for far too long. Probably an attempt to be perceived busy. To avoid confusion however, it is necessary to clarify: I am not busy; I do not have a life. I was in fact detained in bed for days by cold and fever, bored to my imminent death come, befall now. But honestly, it’s laziness that did it (or didn’t do it). 

As I have gotten away with not writing the obligatory year-end post, I might as well do this one. Now, the problem lies not in my inability to write resolutions. It’s in my indolence; I almost always never see any of my resolutions through. This is a fact.

But hey, what’s so bad about starting the year with a little optimism, right? So here goes. I’ve decided to categorize (I’m actually just deciding this all now while I type this) my plans into big and small. So preschool, don’t you think. Let’s start with the little things:

  • Read 45 books. I never learn from mistakes, yes. But I’ve thought about it, and I’ll have plenty of idle time in Canada and would therefore have enough time for reading.  Goals are never bad anyway. Damned be the doubtful.
  • Write 2 hours a day. Doesn’t matter if you actually have something to write about, just write. ‘tis better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, really.
  • Save money. Enough with the reckless spending. No more shopping (until HK), and no more book hunting. No more spontaneous trips or dinner outs. They put serious dents on your bank account.
  • Prepare necessary documents. Transcript of records, certificate for best thesis, MA requirements, etc. Thank God for excuses to visit LB.
  • Get Driver’s License. This will only take an hour, so just, stop being lazy.

Now that that’s all laid out, let’s move on to the big things:

  • Find yourself. Bit vague, I realize.
  • Get published. Doesn’t matter where. Hell, even a news article would do. Although, well, you’re not very good with that.
  • Learn to drive. Papa’s promise to teach me has been standing for 5 years now, and hasn’t materialized yet, so I’ll probably just enroll in a driving school. Just don’t want to have to learn once I’m already in Canada.
  • Travel. HK and Canada, check. Singapore's cancelled and plans of going to Bangkok are hopeless, too. Hope it’s not too much to ask to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York with friends. Paris can wait. Paris would look good in 2013.
  • Go back to school. Ever since the talk I had with Franco, I’ve been having second thoughts on getting my MA. But I think that I really need to do this for myself. Now all I need is a little courage and a little more effort.
  • Jump. You’ve been asked to so many times in the past. You’ve done little hops here and there to trick yourself but you haven’t actually taken a giant leap of faith like you’re supposed to. Live a little. Then live big. Jump.

As I didn’t think this through, it’s possible that I might have forgotten something. But now, and sometimes now is all that matters, at this very moment, these are what I can call to mind, so. 

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