Saturday, February 18, 2012

LB all ways; LB always

In an attempt to calm the tremors in my chest, I compulsively changed Jeepneys yesterday and went to LB instead of Alabang for work.  I was going to spend the night in LB as planned a couple of days ago, but was supposed to go there after work. I decided not to wait til then. I realized that when it comes to LB, I never can make myself wait.

Went straight to Chase's new apartment, as we have already given up ours last year (I still get really teared up whenever I remember that place). Decided to catch up with How I Met episodes after helping Chase out with his resume. Promised that I won't disturb him so he could prepare for his exam, but he decided to disturb ME by showing me random episodes from random shows (and making me cry with some of them).

I met up with Ehm for lunch, and we decided on this place called Dal Cielo, and only because Faustina’s didn’t have enough space (otherwise we would be at Faustina’s on default). We saw Haya and another member of Pantas (our writing organization), and exchanged a few stories before settling down on our seats. After a while, Ken, who decided to skip work as well, arrived and joined us. Troii, Lulu, TJ, Clariza and Gel followed one by one after.
The food at Dalcielo’s okay. A bit pricey for LB standards, but worth it. The crème brulee’s the best I’ve had so far. Beat that of Dad’s!
After Dal Cielo, we moved to Faustina’s because a trip to LB is not the same without Faustina’s. Originally, my plan was to join the happenings in the field for the feb fair (it’s UPLB’s February Fair Week), as I was thinking that this would be my last chance, but it rained. So we stayed at Chase's instead. So sorry TJ!
Had dinner at ICS and drinks there, too. Like Faustina’s, ICS is always part of my LB visit itinerary (back when we had the apartment, drinking there was always the better option, but now that we’ve already given it up – ICS it is). What I didn’t plan for, however, was being confronted by Laurence’s serious face as I tell him I don’t want to have anything to do with creative writing anymore (with matching overflowing tears). Or Chase and Clariza’s faces while they comfort me as I bawl over a broken heart, yet again. These after two pitchers of ICS Wengweng! This just proves that nothing good ever happens after two… pitchers of wengweng. But anyway, went home today filled and healed. 
LB has a way of fixing me. I will never be able to explain how even if I try. After all that happened in LB (and I'm yet to talk about that), glad to say it's still home. Now, off to pack! Hong Kong in three days! 

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