Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nicole, Steph and I decided that today is going to be for resting and indulging – having worked so hard this past few weeks. We decided this over breakfast at Country Style (where we ended up staying for a couple of hours). Went back to work to finish some things and went straight to SM for Egg, because Steph mentioned that they have the turban I was looking for. We then had late lunch/merienda/early dinner at Tokyo Café at the new food street in SM Las Pinas.

We discovered a new bread store: Tous les jours. From the name, I expected that they would offer sweet French breads rather than the usual spicy ones from Breadtalk; however, it’s more of Korean than French. Can’t say I’m disappointed, everything looks great anyway. Apparently, this is the same bakery that my dad gets his weekend breads from when he stayed in Korea two years ago.

We found this nostalgia drink from the same store:

Steph said it tastes like sweat, and then insists we try it – we didn't. 

We went to town for Kroketten (croquettes with three choices for fillings: pork, beef and cheese), Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Tomato Herb Linguine but was still so full from lunch/merienda/dinner that we just hang out waiting for hunger to come. We ended up waiting for hours. 

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