Monday, March 12, 2012

Paisano's Pizzeria

We arrived in Hong Kong a little before lunch, but weren’t able to settle down until noon. Hungry, we found ourselves at Paisano’s Pizzeria along Granville road. We were welcomed by a New York style pizza parlor with pictures of the city framed and hanged on orange walls. Now to the food: the pizzas were huge! Kinda reminded me of Sbarro, minus the thickness. As we only wanted a quick light snack before Nicole arrived (she was on a different flight), we only ordered two slices to share – a mistake! It was delicious! However, despite having shared a piece with Steph, I was surprisingly filled after.

Gauging by the lines outside the restaurant the few times we passed by the place again, we can tell that Paisano’s Pizzeria is quite famous. 4 stars for our first eat in Hong Kong! Not bad, not bad.

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