Saturday, March 24, 2012

a recap of months passed

Forcing myself to live vigorously before leaving, I ended up with a full calendar and a debt piling up like work on my desk. Hong Kong. Pains. Not to mention, the momentous occasion for my naturally sentimental soul: the peeling away of my old skin. In the same manner that we followed skinning the walls bare from photographs and memories when we left the apartment with weeping, I wanted to cry, but didn’t have the chance to because of other plans – Death Cab, Dashboard, the new Town – more restaurants to try and squander currency on (I’m reading Everything is Illuminated – my excuse for the language used). Take into consideration that I am also mourning turning a year older, not a bit wiser and standing exactly where I was a year prior. Now, I can no longer use being young (foolish and weak) as an excuse for being a letdown. Which strangely also excuses me from not having blogged about Death Cab, Dashboard, a few more things about Hong Kong, turning a year older, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Banapple, or whatever reason I have for not having enough time to write or blog. 

To make up for it, how about an update? Was fasting yesterday (it was a Friday - no meat), and for breakfast, I had:
gift from Ken


  1. We have the same book! Remember the flags I had on Abundance of Katherines? I used twice as many of those on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Yes, it is many a purrty.

    Also, I think your writing sounds like Foer.:) Enjoy those stories, Tisa! I can't wait to see you and talk about books among other stuff, haha.

  2. The language of Extremely Loud, KJ! Pure poetry. Specially the parts with Grandpa Thomas. I was reading the book at work, and didn't give a fuck to stares while I cried at my station. Hahaha

    Nye, best compliment ever. Tell me I write like Winterson and I'll be your slave. Haha see you soon!