Saturday, March 17, 2012

a childhood rerun

what: birthday celebration with friends

Everyone knows that if I can call the shots, then I’d be in my 20s forever. But every now and then, when troubles get too “adult” for my adolescent maturity, I wish nothing else but to be a kid again. Growing up in the south, I was blessed to be so near Enchanted Kingdom that I’ve practically spent my childhood there. Now that I feel like I’m transitioning into an adult, and now that I’m making adult decisions (or having my parents make them for me - hah!) such as moving continents or changing my entire lifestyle, celebrating my 22nd birthday by being a kid again is a pretty good way to turn a year older. Being a kid again with the people I’ve spent my childhood with and the people who I’m willing to spend my adult life with – now, that’s what makes this whole thing perfect. 
Plus, Gel, Nic, Ken, Steph and I didn’t get to enjoy Disneyland as much as we hoped, so this is all we’ve got for a second chance. We went there on a Friday, and although there was a fieldtrip, it wasn’t overcrowded. We didn’t have to fall in line for hours on a single ride. This gave us a chance to ride the space shuttle and the anchors away twice (my favorite rides!). 
All in all, it was a fun (albeit exhausting) experience. Spending it with my favorite people makes it all the more special. It’s a good break from the usual birthdays in bars, although we did cap the night with drinking at Paseo, gorging ourselves with well-deserved crispy pata, sinigang, and whatnot.
Forever thankful for the people who skipped work (Nicole, Gel, Ken, Steph & Ehm), who came all the way from LB (Joseph, Lulu & Troii) and who still followed despite coming from an exam (Chase) to celebrate this ordinary, yearly occasion with me.  
We sure have a lot of growing up to do, and I wouldn’t mind spending it yearly with these people. 

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