Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greyhound Café

After a tiring day at Ngong Ping and the Peak, we decided to have dinner at IFC mall before heading back to our place. We went straight to Sen Ryo for some Japanese, but since it was already late, Sen Ryo was no longer accepting new customers, and so were most of the restaurants in IFC. We chanced upon Greyhound Café at a chic corner of the podium zone in IFC and already a bit hopeless, we asked the manager who was right outside the place if they’re still open. We all sighed in relief with an “of course!”
This restaurant has got to be my favorite out of all that we dined at in terms of design. It brings together a warehouse inspired interior and a New York café feel. Cables suspended from the ceiling with light bulbs in one end act as an oversized chandelier that drapes the restaurant in dim lighting (sets up a really nice Dinner mood). Some parts of the wall are covered with chalkboard paint, and over it are white cursive quotes on life, traveling, fashion, food and friends.  (Later found out that it is a branch of a renowned fashion café in Thailand – whatever fashion café means)
In the menu, it says that Greyhound originated in Bangkok, but from the items in the menu, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Apparently (this I learned from reading about it after), Greyhound showcases a fusion cuisine - mainly Thai dishes with foreign touches and/or ingredients. All in all, I have nothing bad to say about the food. Nothing exceptional, but everything quite enjoyable! Although, everything on the dessert menu looked so attractive that to this day, I still regret not having ordered anything.
(1) Spaghetti with Corned Beef and Fresh Chilies (2) Ham and Cheese Grill (3) Calamari Fritti (4) Thai Iced Tea with Milk (5) Crispy Sweet Corn with Crab Meat (6) Wagyu Elvis Burger (P.S. No picture of Steph's Garden Vegetable Soup because she was too hungry none of us had the chance to take a decent picture haha)
I loved Greyhound! And contrary to a jarring review of their service, we had first-class attention from their manager who was friendly enough to attend to our every order. Imagine that we are a group of noisy (still seemingly) teenagers who can’t decide on what to order and who’re easily distracted while ordering, and the manager was patiently smiling and friendly through all the ruckus. AND, after dinner, Gel had her half-eaten burger wrapped for take out and the manager came back with a new one (said something about a mishap in the kitchen). Free burgeeer! 
Segue: an hour after, we were at the MTR station taking pictures of the Disney characters painted on the MTR wall and from our back, we heard a voice say “Holy shit, you’re still here!” Lo and behold – Greyhound’s manager. 

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  1. There's a clothing label named Greyhound and I thiiiink it was Thai - maybe this seriously stylish cafe is under the same brand? :) <3