Monday, April 2, 2012

birthday lunch

We were supposed to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Vivere before our laziness got the better of us and we all just stayed home. Because of this, I decided to treat my family to Sky Lounge at Vivere the weekend after my birthday. I was really aiming for dinner, as it seemed more festive, but my dad has to work that night, so we decided on lunch instead. I’m glad we did. It felt kinda special driving straight to Alabang after hearing the Sunday mass. And apparently, the ambience at Sky Lounge suits the dreariness of afternoons, plus the view is beautiful (not spectacular, but not typical either). Having dinner there would seem more romantic, which isn’t exactly the theme I was going for.

As with all of our family lunches, this one started with everyone on the verge of getting pissed off. Deciding on what to order, trying to order fast, starving and hurrying up the appetizers – the common lunch setting whenever we eat outside. Of course, the moment the mozarella sticks hit the table, we’re all smiles. And as usual, everyone talks. It’s a good thing we weren’t seated at the main hall where most of the people are. We were placed in a secluded area overlooking the pool and Alabang, and with our own restroom (which Sandra and I think smells like Ralph Lauren – bongga).

I have forgotten the nitty-gritty comments I have on the food. This, being close to a month ago. I have, in fact, forgotten whether I enjoyed it or not. I'm certain it isn't exceptional, otherwise I would have remembered. What I do remember is kuya Rammil and I trying to do a makeshift Chocolate Sin/Choco Lava with a hot fudge brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Can’t remember whether it worked or not. Can't remember what these are, but they're some of the dishes we ordered:

Sky Lounge
31st floor, Vivere Suites
5102 Filinvest Corporate City ASEAN Drive, 
Muntinlupa City 1781, Philippines

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