Monday, April 16, 2012

Gen's homecoming and a night at Opus

A good friend, Geni, came home last week from San Francisco. The last time I saw her was the day before she left for Maryland; we had lunch with Shiela and Nicole at Greenbelt. It was sometime between August and November of 2010. 

She waited two years to come home, so imagine our disappointment when we found out that she'll only be staying for two weeks. It’s a packed two weeks for Gen, and so far, I’ve only seen her twice. The first one is when we all went out for coffee and a quick catch-up (mostly gossip). And, last weekend, we went to Opus for a night out. Something I'd be quick to pass up if only I didn't miss Gen so much. I hate parties. If I wanted a drink, I’d drink at home where I could sneak into my room and away from friends once I start getting dizzy. But hey, I missed Gen, and this has always been her world, so I said what the hell, what’s one night.

AND WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS. I can't relate everything in detail without the help of pictures. But, I'm pretty sure I remember everything.  Although, this conversation I had with Matt seemed eeh, drunk:

The next time I’ll see Gen would be late this year or early next year. She and Ces promised to take a long drive to Milton to see me. ‘til then, I’ll miss her some more. There aren’t a lot of people who can drag my lazy ass to some bar and actually have me shake them. In my defense, they were playing 90s alternative!

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