Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ocean Adventure

Having been food poisoned prior to our scheduled trip to Manila Ocean Park, I was in no mood for fishes.  Not to mention that I'm not even interested to begin with. But, not coming to Manila Ocean Park is another day that I won't get to spend with my pamangkins, so I came anyway.

I'm glad I did. Seeing Nathan get all worked up, hurriedly fishing for his 3DS in his bag whenever he spots a sea creature he's read about is priceless. This trip was a treat for Nathan than it is for anyone else. BUT, the power of jellies (dancing sea faeries, as they call them) didn't escape me or any of the adults. It was enchanting. If they weren't so deadly, I'd want a dozen or so in my own bedroom (ala Seven Pounds). On their own, they are already magical but along with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, it was even more breathtaking. Of course, since I am not the best photographer you'd come across with, there is no way that I'd give justice to these lovelies with these pictures, but hey, I sure tried:

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