Monday, June 4, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom with the kids

Every year, I go to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) at least once, and I always enjoy my visits. But when we took the kids to EK, I realized how more exciting it was in the eyes of children. For the duration of 7 hours, I couldn't keep up with their running and screaming and riding and whatnot. By 'their,' I mean Nathan, too. Nathan, who earlier that day was trying to convince us to let him stay at home and watch Adventure Time. "What's fun about rides anyway?" he asked mama. Well, an hour later, he was running hysterically to Boulderville with Danica - a section of EK I forgot exists. Hanging around with these kids allowed me to enjoy the parts and rides of EK I don't normally appreciate - even the flying Dinosaurs which kuya Paolo says make no sense at all - these made perfect sense to Nathan, Danica and Noah. Despite having gone to more developed theme parks than EK, they can't seem to tell. It's so heartwarming how kids can be so simple and easily pleased.

In the end though, EK proves itself enjoyable for kids of all ages as my 35-year old kuya gets a kick out of the Anchors Away and Space Shuttle rides we took together. Ate Arlyn, on the other hand, screamed her head off on the Roller Skates ride - a ride which she took with her 3-year old son. Haha

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