Thursday, July 26, 2012

identikit x paranoid city (july 24)

Sandy Buladaco and Joe de Jesus of identikit 
it doesn't look like it here, but Paranoid City frontman Dax Balmeo really reminds me of Patrick Fugit
since Alex Naidus' pogi shoes, I seem to have developed a penchant for men's feet/shoes
Manny and Ayin after Identikit's set

sweaty fan girls (minus Jear and Jennie)

Having promised Manny (Ayin’s boyfriend) that we’ll watch his gig one time, we dropped by SaGuijo to catch Identikit last Tuesday. Completely inconsiderate of his machismo tendencies, and manly fears, we went as stereotypical groupies, or in today’s jargon – fan girls. Well not really, there were no banners, screaming while weeping or panty-throwing involved. Just us taking a gazillion photos in a span of what, 30 mins?

Although their sound seems to have changed from Peach, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them live. It was priceless, watching Manny “the drummer” in action and Ayin “the annoying girlfriend” completely in her element and looking prettier than ever. These two are an unlikely match, but they’re incredibly synced, it’s kind of scary!

After Identikit, we hung around for Paranoid City, who both Ayin and Manny couldn’t stop gushing about.  AND WHY THE HELL NOT, THEY’RE AMAZING. And this isn’t because the frontman resembled Patrick Fugit in so many ways, but I was kind of shaken, in a very good way, tapping my foot, resisting dancing, completely smitten. This is really a band to watch out for.

Before we left, Manny gave me a Paranoid City and Dropouts CDs. Yay for my first going away presents. 

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