Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Highlights: July

Random July happenings:

  • Agave night: unlimited margarita and nachos with highschool friends
  • Jennie and the girls rode the mechanical bull. I was too shy to try.
  • Drove all the way to Tagaytay despite the fog and rain for pizza and coffee.
  • Hung out with Jennie, Shiela, Jear, Nicole and Ayin A LOT.
  • KJ's 22nd birthday at Garage 88.
  • SB French toasts! New favorite.
  • Coolest room and coleest roomies at the company outing.
  • Watched Identikit (or Manny the drummer) live at Saguijo. 
  • Sold some of my clothes. Most of them, actually. 
  • Had a sleepover with Steph, Lulu, Nikka, Ayin, Jear and Nicole.
  • Jear took over the kitchen for breakfast the morning after.
  • Chili's with housemates on the last day of July.

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