Saturday, September 29, 2012

fragments from airports and plane rides

With Gel at the airport. The last time I saw Gel she was in a hurry to leave, and I let her. Before that, I was in a hurry to go, and she drove me home just to spend more time with me. Being my best friend, I know she wouldn't let me leave the country without saying goodbye. She almost missed me (as always, she was late), so glad she didn't.
Wearing the DMs Denise gave me. I had to, as they were the heaviest of all my shoes/boots. But imagine all the airport security I had to go through, and how many times I had to remove them and put them back on. Not an easy task. At one point, I walked all the way from the security check to the boarding gate with only my socks on. 
My dad. Probably thinking: what the f were we thinking moving continents.
Martial Law Babies. A gift from Biboy. That line from the first few pages killed it. I was waiting for the plane that will take me to a new life, and I read these lines. All I could think about is how my baggages are heavy with memories of the old life I'll leave behind. 

Just PAL. Reminding me of what I missed in Manila. Jerk.
Some well-deserved sunshine. Our travel agent messed up our reservations and we ended up traveling via PAL instead of Korean Air, and sitting 4-5 rows from the back of the plane. AND WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL SCREENS. For 13 hours.  Did I mention I was leaving home, the country I love, and the friends I plan to grow old with? I need me some little miss sunshine, so I watched me some little miss sunshine as soon as I settled in my seat.
Gel's going away present. In case my awesome photography skills aren't as awesome as I think, it's a heart-shaped locket and a crown with a gem in it. I opened the locket in the plane and inside is a note that says: is it still raining everywhere you are? Damn it, that made me cry.
My mama. And what she did the entire plane ride. 
Plane meals. I don't know about you, but I love plane food. I enjoyed the breakfast most especially. Only because I have weird taste, and the hash brown was soggy, the egg bland, the sausage a little bit cold, and I absolutely loved it.
With Anna at the YVR airport. Met Anna, who I haven't seen for 4 years during our stopover in Vancouver. I didn't have a phone, and we contacted each  other via twitter whilst at the airport. Vancouver was our first entry to Canada, so we had to do all the immigration sihzniz there, so by the time we saw each other, it was 20 minutes to boarding time. I cried when I saw her. Must be the comfort of seeing a familiar face in a place so new and foreign.
New York. Straight ahead. Almost there... nope. Better luck next time.


  1. Tisa!

    Oh I miss plane rides. I like PAL's breakfast eggs so much since it's fluffy and it's not bland for me--heck, I've been trying to do that in the kitchen since god knows when.

    Are you in Canada or NYC? Meh we shall see each other I guess.

    1. Kevin, Canada. Milton, Ontario. I think 3 hours away from NYC, pero I'm not sure.