Thursday, November 15, 2012

hey hey weekenders

I'm a heavy-traveller. Partly because I never could plan what to wear the night before and stick to it on the day itself, so I always bring tons of extra clothes. On a related note, but on a different tone: we're going to Blue Mountain this weekend! We're going to fit 10 people in two vehicles (a car and an suv), plus pots, pans, kettles, condiments, chickens, drinks, pillows and whatnot. So the possibility of bringing in my entire closet is as slim as I used to be at sixteen. Not as difficult as it used to be as the move I did from Phils. to Canada demanded a wardrobe diet. Anyway, for the first time, I'm forced to pack light and was so proud of myself, you'd have to humor me as I make you part of my packing...

Trying to stick it out with a gray pallete, with the exception of my pajamas (which were kind of christmas-sy). I would probably regret not bringing jeans with me on this trip, but I'd have to brave the cold and see how long I'd last. The test of a true Canadian - which I am most definitely not.
What's in my bag? Glasses, which I always forget to wear, despite not being able to see anything 5 feet away. Shades, for the daily migraine attack; aka vampire mode; must. not. see. light. Make up bag. Phone which by the way, still doesn't have a sim in it and is practically useless if not for imessage and facetime. Camera. Headband. Wallet. Notebook. Pen. Not in picture: my macbook pro back from hibernation.  
For someone who doesn't know a thing about make-up, I sure bring a lot. It makes me feel a little less like a noob and more like an adult, so let me. But seriously, I only know how to use powder foundation, concealer and powder blush. The rest I just play with in silly hopes of accidentally finding out how to use them on my face.

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