Thursday, November 1, 2012

October highlights

  • Spending all days with Noah - playing, watching cartoons, fighting, laughing (mostly at him).
  • Looking for a job around the area, since I'm a big noob when it comes to commuting.
  • Went for an hour walk to Downtown Milton - a real life EK town.
  • Borrowed three books from the library. Started both The Member of The Wedding and A Visit From The Goon Squad. update: Finished only A Visit from The Goon Squad, and Her Fearful Symmetry.
  • Found an Italian bakery along Bronte street. They sell the cutest sweets and some UK products Steph and Nicole would go crazy for (miniature phone booths and double decker buses).
  • Went to Windsor and heard my brother and papa give talk for the first time.
  • Walked around main street, and found a nice secondhand bookstore (with a special space just for Margaret Atwood - talk about supporting the locals).
  • Thanksgiving! 
  • Lots of trips to Conservation Parks. One of which was Crawford Lake.
  • Started an LOTR marathon. Something I haven't done since the films came out.
  • Went to a retreat house by the lake with my brother, his wife and their friends from the community.

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